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Inspired by the remarkable life of Lois Kelly, her family established this Foundation to honor her giving heart, her love for the Philly community, and her dedication to children and families in need. With her beautiful spirit guiding our mission, we invite you to...




There are several ways you can be a part of the Live Life Like Lois Foundation. From attending one of our events to simply sharing kindness with a stranger, you can be part of honoring the life of Lois in your own way, big or small. Below are more details about how you can help our foundation give back to children in need.


Make a gift to help provide  adventures for children with critical illnesses.

Nominate a child

Nominate a child who is challenged by a critical illness to experience a Live Life Like Lois adventure.

Attend a fundrasier/event

Events are currently being planned, check back to get involved through attending or volunteering.

The legacy of Lois Kelly

Lois was a thoughtful person who was kindhearted, compassionate, and generous. She was as humble as she was beautiful. Lois loved to read, listen to music, decorate, dine out, travel, find treasures in thrift stores and spend time with her friends. But the thing she loved the most was her family.    


Lois’s life was a living example of making everyday count. To her every experience, no matter how small, deserved her undivided attention. Each person she met deserved to be treated with kindness and respect. Each moment in time was not to be taken for granted but was to be savored and enjoyed. Lois knew the importance of family, creating memories, and spending time together. In August of 2020 Lois was diagnosed with papillary renal cell carcinoma. Lois passed away on September 3, 2021.  


While Lois was alive, she worked hard to find opportunities to make every day special for her family, friends and the children who were in her care. Through the Live Life Like Lois Foundation Lois’s approach to life can continue, bringing special experiences to children and their families.  


In December 2021, the Live Life Like Lois Foundation provided 35 children with smiles and joy during its first donation to Frankie’s World. Frankie’s World is a medical daycare center for children who require 24/7 medical care. The Foundation donated to cover the cost of the holiday party and all the gifts for the children and staff at Frankie’s World. The board and committee members helped wrap all the holiday gifts, attended the event, and Britt and Haley taught dances from The Nutcracker.

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